Strand Energy

Consulting firm with a strong background in Energy Consulting, Asset Insolvency Services, Design & Engineering.

Strand Energy is a consulting firm with a strong background in Energy Consulting, AssetInsolvency Services, Design & Engineering.

The team consists of experienced Engineers, Designers and Consultants with a history of successful delivery and engagement worldwide.

Strand Energy is experienced in the following industries and areas:


Engineering Design



In addition, we assist other consultants in providing consulting, insolvency services and design based on established client standards, coordinate between the client and the consultant team and provide assistance.

Mission Statement

Strand Energy bring a team of knowledgeable professionals, partners and recognized specialists with global experience to focus on the needs and address the business requirements of our clients.

We successfully deliver on our promises with creativity, innovative and cost-effective methods backed off with integrity, pragmatism and honesty in our relations with clients and our team.


Strand Energy want to be recognised as the first choice trusted and respected energy consulting services provider by our clients, team, partners and authorities for delivering excellence.

Our clients include: