Insolvency insight to maximise recoveries.

Insolvency is often considered “the end of the road” for a company. Whilst this can be the case, the formal proceeding framework can provide the realisation of tradeable stranded assets value, facilitate restructuring and emergence of a viable business.

All too often in insolvency situations involving renewable energy assets, the value of the tradeable subsidy, (tied-up with the assets), is ignored. This is generally due to a lack of awareness as well as the technical and organisational difficulties of transferring the equipment along with the relevant subsidy value. In most cases, the availability (or not) of any subsidy will directly define the value of any renewable energy asset.

Strand Energy specialise in asset management of renewable or conventional energy assets, ensuring the Insolvency Practitioner achieves a better outcome for creditors.

Our service can assist in the following ways:

Transferring the Rights to receive Subsidy to the IP (and therefore making them tradable)

Calculating and Reclaiming any Subsidy on behalf of the IP

Transferring Subsidy rights to an equipment purchaser

Arranging for the sale of equipment

Equipment disposal and site clearance

Brokering equipment in-situ (as a going concern)

Energy Consultancy services to explore viability and increase IP options

We can offer value to the process for the benefit of the clients, the creditors and incumbent organisations.